Chapter 1 : Command Center

Skylark Command Center allows you to manage various Camera streams and Suspects in real time and generates Alerts providing details of the Violators.

Chapter 2 : Managing Cameras

Once the user enters the Command Center, clicking on Cameras button shows a list of available Cameras which would have been previously added, and allows user to add new Cameras.

Chapter 2.1 : Adding New Cameras

User can add new Camera by clicking on “Add New” button. This will prompt the user to enter the Camera Details

The Camera stream needs to be an RTSP url which is accessible over the network, along with any authorization headers if required.

FPS 15 is preferred for optimal function of the system.

The Camera Details get saved once the user clicks “Add Camera” button at the bottom of the prompt.

Chapter 3 : Adding Suspects

The User can configure Suspects who in essence the violators that we wish to detect.

On clicking Suspects the user has an option to “Add New” Suspects.

Add the required details and click on Save “Save and Add Faces” button.

User will now be prompted to add the Suspect faces which will then be detected by the system.

The Suspect Faces added by the user must be cropped faces of Suspect as shown in the following image.

Click on Save button to add the suspect.

After these steps the user can Start System by clicking on “Start System” button.

Chapter 4: System Dashboard

The System Dashboard allows the user to choose from all the Cameras configured by the user. On selecting one of the Cameras, user can view the Real Time stream along with Real Time Alerts.

Once a Violator is detected, the Alert for the same will be generated in the Alerts Window.

User can click an Alert and checkout the details.

Chapter 5 : Statistics

Skylark Command Center provides a Statistics section consisting of three-tabs viz. Real-Time, Archive and Summary . Real-time section eases the access to Real-time statistics of alerts for each Camera previously configured.

On selecting the Camera from the dropdown, the Real-time Statistics show up.

In the Summary tab, again user can select Camera and get Daily Summarized Reports specific to a particular Camera.

These reports are printable which increases it’s utility.